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Our BI team comprises experts who have several years of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) experience across several industries. Some of their key projects are specified below.

EDW Development for a Manufacturing Company.
This is an ongoing project which involves the development of an enterprise data warehouse that integrates data from about 26 subsidiaries across the country. The data warehouse covers various aspects of the business including Sales (Retail & Wholesale), Procurement, Inventory, General Ledger, Banks, Production, HR, Account Receivables etc.

Development of a Financial Data Mart for a Bank
This was a multi-terabyte data mart developed to integrate data from the Bank’s financial application, the human resource system, mobile phone payment system and other data sources, to deliver business review analytic reports and dashboards to over 3000 users.

Media & Compliance Monitoring Data Warehouse
Development of a data warehouse that integrates and reconciles data from media schedules, rate card data from media houses, audience reach data from various target markets, and monitoring data from flighted adverts. This is accessed via a dashboard nationwide by Advertisers, Advertising and Media Agencies, Private Producers, Program Sponsors, and Media Houses, to enable them deliver compliance reports and post campaign analytics with guaranteed data integrity in the shortest time possible, with added flexibility.

EDW Development for a Bottling Company
Development of an enterprise data warehouse, to enable the generation of analytic reports by business users, to greatly reduce the dependence on IT personnel and the time taken to generate required reports from the transactional systems. The data warehouse covered different aspects of the business including Sales, Production, Inventory, Finance and HR.

Development of a Data Mart for Oil & Gas Company
Development of a data mart to monitor and manage the service delivery schedule of ships to various customers based on predefined SLAs, benchmark data extracted from the web, and to perform product and channel revenue analysis.



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